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Fun, Unique Gifts Filled With Treats!

What are favorABLEs?

favorABLEs are the brainchild of Stephanie Cerep. They are handmade, three-dimensional favors crafted with kind, funny, or inspirational messages. Each favorable comes filled with individually wrapped mints, or you can re-pack it with your favorite small treats or gifts.

favorABLEs was born out of Steph’s idea that kindness is contagious and each one of us is able to make a difference. Where seemingly small gestures – a smile, a kind word, a helping hand, or a small gift- can make a person’s day and ultimately have a positive impact on the world.

Meet Stephanie Cerep

Steph was born in Rhode Island in 1985 with Down syndrome. Determined not to let that keep her from living a full life, her parents always encouraged her to explore the world and be adventurous!

Now that she is an adult, one of her goals is to be financially independent while making other people happy. During a brainstorming session with her mother and good friend Sara, they came up with the idea for favorABLEs!

Steph has always been filled with empathy, kindness, and caring for others. Her hope is that each recipient of the “intentional act of kindness” favor will refill it and pass it on to someone else to make their day.

Steph with Favorables
Steph at the beach

Be Good · Do Good · Feel Good

favorABLEs‘ signature item is an “intentional act of kindness” favor filled with mints or small candies ~ something sweet!  The idea behind this is that each person is able to make someone’s day, thereby making a difference in the world.

Stephanie’s hope is that each recipient of the “intentional act of kindness” favor will refill the favor and pass it on to someone else to make their day.  Possible refills are: chocolate kisses or other treat, a personal note, gift certificate, pen, pencil, chalk, etc.

Unique, Handmade Gifts
for All Occasions


Need something spooky and special for Halloween? Funny and festive for Hanukkah? From New Year's Day to New Year's Eve, we have a favor for each special day!


A great alternative to greeting cards! Hosting a wedding, shower, birthday or retirement party? Stand out with custom hand-made favors for your guests!

Just Because!

Whether it's a "Thank You!" to a teacher, coach or therapist, a pick-me-up for your friend, or a little victory gift for the sports fan in your life, we've got you covered!

Doobie Designs

Yes, Steph loves her medicine. No more pain! This line of favorABLEs come with a doob tube (plastic tube w/child resistant cap) that can hold a pre-roll, joint or vape pen.