A Sampling of favorABLEs

Pick from one of our many pre-made options, or let us know what YOU want and get your own, custom-made favorABLEs!

All designs come with a plastic tube inside, pre-filled with individually wrapped mints. You may also fill them with your own small treats. Some ideas include: erasers, beads, chalk, pens / pencils, candy, napkins and/or utensils for unique, fun place settings. The ideas are endless!

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Give a unique gift for any occasion. We have favorables for every day of the year!
* Christmas
* Easter
* Father’s Day / Mother’s Day
* Hanukkah
*Valentine’s Day
& more!

Happy Holidays
Thanksgiving favorable
Merry Christmas favorable
Mother's Day favorable
Halloween favorable


favorABLEs are a one-of-a kind, memorable way to mark any special day!
* Bar/Bat Mitzah
* Birthday
* Family reunion
* Quinceanera
* Retirement
* Showers
* Weddings

Wedding favorable
College favorable

Just Because!

favorABLEs are a great way to show that special someone that you are thinking of them, or simply bring a smile to people’s faces!

* Hair Stylist
* Mail Carrier
* Manicurist
* Newspaper Delivery
* Teacher
* Workplace Morale Booster
* Inspirational/ Kindness
* Conference / Meetings

Teacher Appreciation favorable
Harley Davidson favorable
Dog favorable
Boston Celtics favorable
New York Yankees favorable
Coach favorable
Kindness favorable
Behavior Therpist favorable
Speech Therapist favorable
Cat favorable
Fun Margarita favorable
Boston Red Sox favorable
Boston Red Sox favorable
Friend favorable
Play favorable

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Call, text, email, or message us and we will come to you  with a sample box of favors! (Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts).
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