Doobie Designs ~ Make Your Point with a Joint!

What are Doobie Designs?

Doobie Designs are a special line of favorABLEs created with the same goal in mind – that kindness is contagious! Steph loves to bring a smile to people’s faces, and she loves cannabis. Bring them together, and the Doobie Designs line of favorABLEs was born! Guaranteed to bring a smile, each handmade 420-themed design comes with an empty “doob tube” for you to fill with a joint, pre-roll, vape cartridge, flower – your choice! Forget boring greeting cards – Doobie Designs are the perfect treat for the perfect stoner in your life!

A Sampling of Doobie Designs

Pick from one of our many pre-made options, or let us know what YOU want and get your own, custom-made Doobie Design!

Want one today?

Click here for direct ordering info or visit one of the following wonderful retailers that sell Doobie Designs by favorABLEs in Rhode Island and Massachussetts!

1 Connection
200 Williams Street,North Dighton, MA

1 Connection
200 Williams Street,North Dighton, MA

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